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C – Programming

C is a programming language that is extremely popular, simple and flexible. it is machine-independent, structured programming language which is used extensively in various applications.  C is a base for the programming. If you know ‘C,’ you can easily grasp the knowledge of the other programming languages. ‘C’ can be used widely in various applications. It is a simple language and provides faster execution. C programming language is not limited to but used widely in operating systems, language compilers, network drivers, language interpreters, and system utilities areas of development.

  • Characteristics of C – Programming
  • Structure of C – Program
  • Tokens, Keywords, Variables, Constant
  • Scope and Life of Variable, Local & Global Variable, Datatype
  • Expressions & Operators: Arithmetic, Conditional, Logical, Bit wise Operators
  • Precedence & Associativity of Operators, Type Conversion.
  • Basic Input / Output Library
  • Functions Single Character
  • Input / Output i.e. getch(),
  • getchar(), getche(), putchar(), printf(), scanf(),
  • Predefined Library Function: Mathematical & String Functions.
  • Declaration Statement
  • Conditional Statement: If Statement
  • If…….. Else Statement
  • Nesting of If Else Statement
  • Else If Statement
  • Switch Statement
  • Iteration Statement: For Loop, While Loop, Do While Loop
  • Jump Statements- Break, Continue.
  • Functions: Calling without Passing Arguments
  • Calling with Passing Arguments
  • Calling with not Returning Value
  • Calling with Returning Value
  • Call by Value & Call by Reference
  • Concept of Recursion.
  • Array Fundamentals
  • Types of Array- Single Dimensional, Double Dimensional and Multi Dimensional Arrays
  • Array Declaration and Initialization of Arrays
  • Arring in from of Strings: Declaration, Initialization &  Functions.
  • Defining Structure
  • Declaration of Structure Variable
  • Type DEF
  • Accessing Structure members
  • Array in Structure
  • Nested Structures
  • Array of Structure
  • Structure Assignment
  • Structure as Function Argument
  • Function that Return Structure Union
  • Fundamentals of Pointer
  • Pointer to Pointer Concept
  • Pointer with Function
  • Pointer with Array
  • Pointer with Structure
  • Point to Operator.
  • Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Use of malloc() and calloc()
  • Use of sizeof()
  • Use of realloc() and free()
  • C Files & Streams
  • Opening & Closing File
  • Reading & Writing in file handling
  • Use of open(), close(), get(), put(), read(), write()

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