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C++ Programming

C++ is an object-oriented programming language and includes classes, inheritance, polymorphism, data abstraction and encapsulation. it is a powerful, efficient and fast language. it is regarded as a middle-level language, as it comprises a combination of both high-level and low-level language features.

C++ is widely used among the programmers or developers mainly in an application domain.

C++ is referred to as the safest language because of its security and features. It is the first language for any developer to start, who is interested in working in programming languages. It is easy to learn, as it is pure concept based language. Its syntax is very simple, which makes it easy to write or develop and errors can be easily replicated. Before using any other language, programmers preferred to learn C++ first and then they used other languages.

  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Advantages, Usage of C++
  • Introduction to Various C++ Compilers
  • C++ Standard Libraries
  • Prototype of Main (), Function
  • Data Type
  • Classes and Objects.
  • Structure of C++ Program
  • Tokens, Keywords, Variables, Constant
  • Scope and life of Variable, Local & Global Variable, Datatype
  • Expressions & Operations: Arithmetic, Conditional, Logical
  • Bit wise Operators, Precedence & Associativity of Operators
  • Type Conversion, Predefined Library Functions (Mathematical & String Functions).
  • Declaration Statement
  • Conditional Statement: If Statement
  • If………Else Statement
  • Nesting Of If Else Statement
  • Else If Statement
  • Switch Statement
  • Iteration Statement: For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do While Loop
  • Jump Statement Break, Continue, Goto, Exit().
  • Creating Class and Objects
  • Member Functions: Calling without Passing Arguments
  • Calling with Passing Arguments
  • Calling with Not Returning Value
  • Calling with Returning Value
  • Public, Private & Protected Basics.
  • Array Fundamentals
  • Types of Array- Single Dimensional Array
  • Double Dimensional and Multi Dimensional Array
  • Array Declaration and Initialization of Array
  • Arring in form of String: Declaration, Initialization & Functions.
  • Constructor & Destructor Introduction
  • Constructor, Parameterized Constructor
  • Multiple Constructor in A Class
  • Constructor with Default Argument
  • Dynamic Constructor
  • Copy Constructor, Destructor.
  • Fundamental Of Pointer
  • Pointer to Pointer Concept
  • Pointer with Function
  • Pointer with Array
  • Pointer with Structure
  • Point to Operator.
  • Inheritance: Type of Inheritance
  • Single Inheritance
  • Multilevel Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Hybrid Inheritance
  • Hierarchical Inheritance
  • Base Class Access Control
  • Protected Members
  • Protected Base Class Inheritance
  • Inheriting Multiple Base Class
  • Constructor with Inheritance
  • Passing Parameter to Base Class Constructor.
  • Compile Time Polymorphism
  • Run time Polymorphism
  • Difference Between Early Binding and Late Binding
  • Function Overloading
  • Operator Overloading: Unary Operator Overloading
  • Binary Operator Overloading
  • Virtual Function, Pure Virtual Function.
  • C++ Files & Streams
  • Opening & Closing of File
  • Reading & Writing file
  • General functions: open(), close(), get(), put(), read(),write()
  • Working with ios::in, ios::out, ios::app
  • Introduction to Graphics Driver and Manager
  • Use of initgraph()
  • Functions: line(), rectangle(), circle(), bar(), bar3d(), arc(), ellipse(),outtextxy()
  • Applying Colors(foreground/background)
  • Use of cleardevice(), setfillstyle() and floodfill()

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