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Why Sunny Institute is best Android Training in Bhopal

Sunny Institute is the best Android Training in Bhopal with assured 100% placement. Trainers have years of experience into Android app development. We understand the need of industry and prepare students based on that. Our android course content is very exhaustive and upto to the current market needs. Students after completing Android course get excellent chance to be placed with development team. Every Android Classes has equal practical to make candidates understand the concepts in more detail. At the end of they are made to work on at least 2 apps , so they are confident of Android ecosystem.

Sunny Institute Android training institute in Indore has some of the best IT industry top experts. App development has huge scope in terms of career as they are always in demand.Mobile application is attracting some of the best talent in India. Our Android Classes in Bhopal has started this initiative to prepare freshers for this upcoming area. We help students to cover every topic from basic to detail and enable them to be independent Android Developer. Candidates can lean more about Android from Wikipedia. Our Android Training in Bhopal has unique blend of theory and practical classes. Upon completion of course, every candidates get hands on experience to develop Apps and 3 months certification to meet industry demands.Android Apps development is growing at a very fast rate. This has created huge demands in market for skilled developer. Sunny Institute was set to bridge this gap.That is why we have started our Android Training Classes in Bhopal

  • introductionAndroid introduction
  • Android & its features
  • Android releases
  • Android architecture
  • Android play store
  • Android devices
  • Android application project structure
  • Android manifest
  • Resourcesresources
  • Resources type
  • Android application component – activity
  • User interface design
  • User interface layout
  • Layout
  • Example program – layout- UI components
  • user-interfaceUser interface components
  • Event handling
  • Common event listeners
  • Steps involved in adding event listener


  • Adapter View (ListView;GridView)
  • Date Picker & Time Picker
  • intent1Introduction to intent
  • Explicit intent & Implicit intent
  • Built-in standard intent actions
  • Introduction to data passing
  • Intent data passing – using an explicit bundle
  • Intent data passing – directly using put Extra
  • Pending intent
  • androidIntroduction to menus
  • Options menu
  • Creating an options menu
  • Context menu
  • Creating a context menu
  • Popup menu
  • android-logoIntroduction to data storage
  • Internal & external storage
  • SQLite database
  • Create a database and tables
  • Upgrading database
  • Inserting a new record
  • Updating record
  • Deleting record
  • Reading records
  • Introduction to preferencesandroid
  • To save and retrieve preferences through code
  • Common types of preferences
  • Steps to create settings preferences
  • Introduction to thread
  • The application main thread
  • Application not responding
  • Asynchronous methods – AsyncTask
  • androidIntroduction to Dialog
  • Dialog Fragment
  • Steps to create dialog using Dialog Fragment
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • fragmentIntroduction to Fragment
  • Fragment example
  • How to use Fragment ?
  • android2Action Bar
  • Support android 3.0 And above only
  • Steps to support android 2.1 and above
  • Steps for adding action buttons
  • Adding navigation tabs
  • contentIntroduction to Content Provider
  • ContentResolver & Content Provider
  • Use of content
  • menuIntroduction to thread
  • The application main thread
  • Application not responding
  • Schedule to the UI thread using android built-in methods
  • Explicit handling
  • Handler example
  • broadcast recieverIntroduction to broadcast receiver
  • Ways to register broadcast receiver
  • Broadcast messages
  • Steps to implement broadcast receiver in dynamic way
  • Steps to implement broadcast receiver in static way
  • Introduction to notification
  • Structure of notification
  • serviceIntroduction to services
  • Types of services
  • Service life cycle
  • android webserviceAnatomy of client – server
  • Introduction to web services
  • Formats to exchange data
  • XML format

  • google-mapsIntroduction to Google maps
  • Download and configure library
  • Adding Google map Customizing Google map
  • androidFused location provider
  • Sensor
  • Sensor framework

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